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this i cannot do.

i've installed the sixaxis support and sixad with fapman.

my controller model is CECHZC2U and running maemo 5 2011.38.1 with cssu-1T & latest kernel power.

i try to add the MAC address using sixaxispairtool via windows8 64bit.

turned on visible bluetooth on n900, pressed PS button on the controller, four red lights blinking , n900 bluetooth icon turns blue.

few seconds the controller four lights stop blinking. n900 bluetooth icon turns white again.

nothing shows up in the process. pushed buttons on the controller, no effects on n900.

what should i do now?

my main goal is to play metal slug with psx4m without doing harm to my keyboard. anyone done these?

How do you solved this problem?
I have it now too.
BT adress (pair) is complete
Phone asks to connect - i say yes, bt icon turns blue, than it turrns white, and the sixaxis stop blinking, no connection is established.