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Please be careful when using the FM transmitter on "unlocked" frequencies it may inadvertantly interfere with other electrical equipment.
There is usually no need to go outside the frequencies as power level with the new FMTX binary is set @ 120 and most new receivers do not tune below 88.

An older receiver can go to 87.5 and that is why there was a demand for this feature. However, as was posted this frequency and below are reserved for digital TV that you can't use on the N900 anyway. If a station in your area uses this frequency you will encounter a whole lot of low level frequency interference if you try to use it.

Your best bet is to use the links provided in >> this << post to find a vacant frequency in your area.

If you must go below 88, use the buffer FM frequency of 87.9 or as a last resort the buffer DTV frequency of 87.7.

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