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Nothing here sounds unreasonable, but I hope that developers won't shy away from introducing adventurous users to less stable programs/unapproved-but-useful-hackery. By all means, put up disclaimers that a solution for extras-testing isn't yet perfect, and may even have unwanted side-effects, but if you think half a solution from testing is better then no solution at all, please share.

One of the (many) things that I think makes the N900 better than the iPhone is that there's a community that treats users like adults. Users don't need to be nannied and told "oh you can't install that, it's much too untested". From time to time users do need to be told "that's probably a dumb idea since it will drain your battery in 2 hours" and speaking for users, I'm always greatful for the warning, but in the end, I'm going to make my own decisions about what packages/repositories/debs/etc. to install or enable.

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