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the Fremantle Porting Task Force,
or "how to run maemo on Neo900"

the thread title says it all.

This thread is dedicated to discussion about concepts and details of how to port maemo fremantle OS to Neo900 (Neo900 - finally a successor of N900) - or more generally to new hw platforms - , incl new volunteers introducing themselves in here, and occasional references to the Neo900 hw design and implications which the fremantle porting might have to the hw design.

Next post will summarize the foundation concepts and other relevant details.

Everybody who wants to contribute in porting (and during that step by step "freeing") fremantle, please don't hesitate to post in here. Or ask about Fremantle Porting Task Force and Neo900 in IRC(
Please take any posts clearly related to Neo900-the-device (when to buy, what's the hw-features, etc pp) to the Neo900 thread linked above. Thanks! This thread is for developers only.

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