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Want attention? Why not post your endeavors and intent on
That's one of these sites that make me feel very old :-) Looking at, say,
all I see is a brief example (which I probably wouldn't get if I didn't already have an idea - from "traditional" IT news - what this is about), about 40 bytes of meta-data, and a bunch of comments.

So is this how it works ? Put a link to and some picture, and let the swarm intelligence figure out the rest ?

The geeks will get it. The non-geeks will look at the incompleteness and consider it not worth their time.
That would be a good thing in general. Neo900 is definitely not your average "next droid", and attracting the wrong crowd is likely to result only in unhappiness for all involved.

But all things considered, we are rather invisible. E.g., there have been many Jolla news lately, unfortunately not happy ones. But while many comments there bemoan the end of the Nokia way of things, Maemo, etc., nobody seems to ever mention Neo900.

So anything that helps to get out of that extreme niche would be good. We should at least aim for people insulting and mocking us when a suitable context comes up :-)

- Werner

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