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Originally Posted by nh1402 View Post
exactly, Jolla aren't exactly big enough to get a few people on the device to release it by the end of the year.
As stated before Jolla is probobly not even aware of what have to be done, much less planning for it. Its unfortunately very little gain for Jolla so as I stated before. This will take years to get a consumer product ready. The best we can hope for is that some coding ninjas appear with access to sailfish source.

That said, end of year might be a great goal for Chen with the hw, but to me it's just a checkpoint.

That said Is nothing bad that it takes time, Its just too much to do with too few people.

Just look at qwerty for moto. It takes time. Then add the complexity of a total design of a working phone with additional sw and it obvious. Nothing bad. It just takes time.
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