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Heh, I actually read the post on my BQ10.
  • Updates every 6 weeks, give or take. So yeah, there have been a few updates since release. Comparable to SailfishOS updates regarding new features / fixes per update.
  • Yes, the terminal has virtual keyboard. Connect a real keyboard (USB or BT), and you can use that instead. That said... While the VK is maalit, like on SailfishOS, it actually is much less practical. I'm actually surprised how they managed to mess it up. It's no dealbreaker for me, but annoying nonetheless.
  • OpenVPN is supported out-of-the-box. I haven't tried it though, but I reckon it should work just fine.

But... on the one hand it's a very open platform. Yes, you can download images, flash them, and get root access and break stuff if you want. On the other hand, it's limited in what you can do. Normally the device runs with a read-only mounted system. While that's nice for security and stability, it severely limits the apps. Apps are suspended when inactive (unless you switch to desktop mode - which is trivially easy fortunately), so service-like apps, or patches like Patch manager on SailfishOS are much harder to do, if at all.

The killer feature, convergence, works but is limited. Of course many desktop applications are made for desktop with large screens and mouses, and simply are unusable when run on a tablet. E.g. Firefox runs fine, but without mouse it's useless.. But, currently a lot of effort is put into that, and I expect things will improve soonish, and things like Snappy should make it much easier to install applications.

Some other gripes:
  • The browser. Chrome-based, with next to no privacy related options. At least the Sailfish browser lets you access the Gecko-goodness by about:config. No proper alternatives have popped up yet.
  • The CPU is slow. The CortexA53 cores used in the CPU are meant as the LITTLE-cores. The quad-core-nonsense doesn't help.
  • The app situation is worse than on SailishOS. Also, too much apps are useless wrappers around a website.
  • The last update provides CalDAV-support, but unless you have no respect for your privacy, that's the only account the system supports. (The stand-alone e-mail client supports IMAP just fine though). There's no XMPP, not even a stand-alone client.
  • The SDK is only available for Ubuntu. Perhaps that's not that a big surprise, but given similarities to SailfishOS, and that SailfishOS SDK runs on much more systems without problems. makes one think.

Personally I'm somewhat disappointed so far. Things will get better, but the pace is slow. If you have no problem with Android, you can flash Android to the B10 (and go back to Ubuntu Touch again), which might limit the risk of buyer's remorse.

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