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... about the BQ M10 Ubuntu Edition ... but I have a few doubts:

.- Anybody knows if there has been any software updates since launch time?
.- I mostly use it to surf the web and to remotely access my server via console+ssh. Are these features supported? More specifically: Does the terminal have a virtual keyboard?
.- I'm also interested in openvpn. Does it work in this devices?
Later edit: Ha! Never saw the above: I will let mine stand.. :-)

Yes, there have been a few OTA updates since launch and if you are on the rc-proposed channel you get the new stuff once it is passed QA control. Native apps remain few and far between. Browser is OK but has issues, for eg, cannot display the Authentic theme of Webmin but for most web sites it is adequate.

Terminal and ssh supported, with virtual keyboard. Keeping an open ssh session needs a tweak tool (readily downloadable) to exempt the terminal from being suspended at screen lock. Potentially, it still could be zapped by OOM management.

OpenVPN works for me - not saying that some esoteric security implementation would be OK (it may well be), but OpenVPN is supported.

The tablet is a convergence capable device and has the screen real estate to play with windowed mode even when not connected to a monitor. I don't own one, as I would want a dual boot Android / UT to justify the expense.

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