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I am working on making my app compatible to the new requirements. Just to make sure that I do it right, here is an example:
It looks fine. You don't need to specify "visibility" since its visible by default anyway
( However, its a good idea to allow overlap in this case, since you change the default ( So, the code would be:

//This is the first data point, draw the start icon
map.addSourcePoint("pointStartImage",  trackLoader.trackPointAt(i));
map.addImagePath("imageStartImage", Qt.resolvedUrl("../img/map_play.png"));
map.addLayer("layerStartLayer", {"type": "symbol", "source": "pointStartImage"});
map.setLayoutProperty("layerStartLayer", "icon-image", "imageStartImage");
map.setLayoutProperty("layerStartLayer", "icon-size", 1.0 / map.pixelRatio);
map.setLayoutProperty("layerStartLayer", "icon-allow-overlap", true);

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