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Hi guys!

I still use an N82 and waited quite a bit for a worthy successor. The Iphone does some things really great but since the majority of people don't care for multitasking, openness or high resolution, apple does neither. Android seems way cooler in most respects but I won't wait another year for an Android device with decent specs. Now along comes Nokia, finally abandoning their Symbian-only phones stubornness. It's still unclear to me whether or not the N900 will feature an electronic compass which is mandatory for augmented reality. I guess AR will become a bigger topic in the near future - at least for wow-effect if not for practical value. Obviously a bunch of other potential buyers are anxiously awaiting an official confirmation. I could live without capacitive display and fm-receiving functionality and hope for prosperous application development/adaptation from linux but I could not justify shelling out 600 euros knowing that AR won't happen on the N900.

Cool forum, anyway! If i finally opt for the N900 and if studying computer science (which I just enrolled in) will help me with the geekier possibilites the device offers, I look forward to spend some time in this forum.

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