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hey guys,

I have had a lot of bad experience with booting from the internal flash on my n800. First of all, I was unable to mount a 1Gb card to install the OS there.

But after this, I have "successfully" booted from 3 different 2GB SD cards.
Here is the problem: right after install, everything works perfectly. After some tine (~week), the mmc boot starts to bug (ex: system freezes, the LED starts flashing followed by either an automatic or a manual reboot).
Last time (~1 day ago), on the 3rd SD that I've tried, the system completely refused to boot from mmc2, and started booting from flash.
I was able to fix it by rebuilding the partition table
# sfdisk /dev/mmcblk0
This did partially solve the problem: the OS was able to boot, yet it still continued to freeze from time to time.

1 - does anyone know what might be the cause of this problem?
2 - does anyone know how to fix it?
3 - is there a utility (for ANY OS) to verify that the SD isn't corrupted?

thank you