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Precision input touch screen

Keyboard of course!
(eventually keyboard + battery docking pack)

HDMI out for external presentation of everything, not only video.

Mobile SERVER TM CPU, Upgradable SOC that hacks WPA on the fly
(a nice screen w/o upgradable H/W is waste of earth's resources)

Low power consumption E71 like subsystem for survival communication mode (monochrome LCD or partial use of main screen)

Easy replacable battery / upgradable battery

IR module (Sorry but I like to turn of loud TV's and remote control Macbooks)

Memory expansion possibility (RAM + external)

Eventually: Dual microsim, Geiger counter, Intoxicometer (alcohol), sleep detector.

Things that we take for granted but knowing Nokia might be just left out w/o explanation like Share online (integrated upload batches of pictures to Flicker w/o handing your PW to yet another 3rd party) , enabled FM transmission HW etc..., flash I should not mention?

Out of the box power user mode with optional Hildon style desktop and geek input keyboard overlay mode -> see example

It is good to simplify things for iPhone type users but this should be the work of the professional vendor or (corporate) IT support person just like with PC's.

Probably a forgotten a lot?

Edit: ah yes: availability on announcement!

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