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Update: 06.04.2016 22:00 UTC: Version 2013.04-2 is in Extras-Devel, fixing u-boot-update-bootmenu script
Update: 20.04.2013 10:00 UTC: Version 2013.04-1 is in Extras-Devel, support for bootmenu ext2/3/4 partition
Update: 28.04.2012 11:50 UTC: Fixed problem with mkimage, build error in debian/rules and correct ram size in u-boot rx51 board code
Update: 28.04.2012 17:50 UTC: Fixed and enabled SW cursor. Now problem with damaged video output is fixed.
Update: 09.07.2012 08:10 UTC: New version which generate omap atag
Update: 09.07.2012 15:46 UTC: Set bootdealy to 0 if keyboard is closed
Update: 17.10.2012 20:15 UTC: Version 2012.10-rc3-1
Update: 13.12.2012 16:15 UTC: Version 2012.10-rc3-1 is now in Extras-Devel & Testing

Please vote for packages:


Das U-Boot is bootloader which can boot kernel image with initrd. It can be used for booting more kernels (Nokia stock, kernel-power, ...) or for booting other systems (Nemo, Nitdroid, Kubuntu, Debian, ...).

This U-Boot version is new and has nice Bootmenu (like Fanoush Bootmenu or Multiboot packages). I'm working on upstreaming U-Boot RX-51 (N900) port and this U-Boot Bootmenu. This version should be stable, it has FIXED battery draining and video output garbage.

U-Boot Bootmenu reading special config file and some images from MyDocs (file bootmenu.scr and directory bootmenu-img.d). This special u-boot config file is binary and is generated from text config files by script u-boot-update-bootmenu

New U-Boot has 3 packages:

u-boot-bootimg - contains only u-boot binary, nothing more (it is not need for end-users)

u-boot-tools - contains tools:
* u-boot-gen-combined - generate combined images (u-boot with kernel)
* u-boot-update-bootmenu - update bootmenu entries for U-Boot
* mkimage - convert zImage kernel format to uImage (U-Boot format)

u-boot-flasher - contains combined image: u-boot binary with stock PR1.3 kernel. After installation is this image flashed, and replace actual kernel. This package depends on u-boot-tools!

Plus you need fiasco-image-update-ask (which ask before flashing other kernel/uboot version). More info is here: or

Download & Install:

This U-Boot version is now in Extras-Devel & Extras-Testing. Install package u-boot-flasher via apt-get or via Hildon Application Manager find "U-Boot with kernel 2.6.28-omap1".

Hildon Application Manager will not allow you to install this U-Boot if there are some problems.

Source code:
Source code of u-boot (with n900 port) is on;a=summary
Source code of Maemo Debian packaging (with u-boot-update-bootmenu script) is on github:

If you want to support my work on U-Boot n900 port, now you can donate:


Update: New version 2013-04-2
* u-boot-update-bootmenu: Support for --no-attached and fixed support for ext2/3/4 MyDocs

Update: New version 2013.04-1
* New upstream version 2013.04 now contains all n900 patches (everything with bootmenu was upstreamed)
* Added support for ext2/3/4 partition for MyDocs (before bootmenu worked only with FAT32 MyDocs)
* Do not compile U-Boot on autobuilder, but use precompiled version by my gcc 4.7
* U-Boot now can boot 3.x kernels too (thanks to gcc 4.7)
* u-boot-update-bootmenu can be configured to use different MyDocs, etc and boot paths (useful for non Maemo systems)

Update: New version 2012.10-rc3-1
* disabled onenand support (which cause non bootable kernel on non 2101 hw revs)
* added thumb-2 errata 430973 workaround (set IBE bit in Auxiliary Control Register)
* reuse bootreason, bootmode, hwrev, nolo ver in omap atag table
* added env setup_boot_reason_atag and setup_boot_mode_atag (for forcing in omap atag table)
* rewritten assembler code (attached kernel image is now moved to end of ram)
* reset lp5523 led chip
* do not append zero size ATAG_MEM
* depends on fiasco-image-update-ask (which ask you before flashing other kernel/uboot version)
* u-boot-update-bootmenu look for kernel image in /opt/boot too (usefull for optification)

Update: New version 2012.04-2
* load bootmenu.src always (if keyboard is closed, first menu entry will be automatically boot)
* u-boot now NOT reusing omap atag, instead it generate it
* item option ITEM_REUSEATAGS is obsolated (but still working). Now use ITEM_OMAPATAG for booting Maemo 5
* u-boot variable atagaddr is now ignored, because u-boot is not reusing atags.
* u-boot command "setenv setup_omap_atag 1" will tell u-boot to generate omap atag for booting kernel PLEASE DO NOT USE IT - INSTEAD USE ITEM CONFIG FILE

Update: New version 2012.04
Visible changes for users:
* atag address for kernel is always 0x80000100, so for reusing atags from nolo is needed this command: "setenv atagaddr 0x80000100" instead "setenv atagaddr ${init_atagaddr}"PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR OWN SCRIPTS - USE ITEM CONFIG FILES
* for reusing atags u-boot-update-bootmenu needs option ITEM_REUSEATAGS=1 (instead ITEM_USEATAG) - but works also old option (it show warning) - update your item config files
* "run noloboot" command renamed to "run attachboot"
* if you are not reusing atags from nolo, u-boot will generate memory atag which is needed to boot kernels (now maybe meego/upstream kernel will boot without nolo atags)
other changes:
* added ext4 support
* added console history support (but without cursor)
* disabled cursor - it is buggy now
* enabled generating memory atag
* restored powerbus state after enabling eMMC
* removed init_atagaddr variable (it must be always 0x80000100)
* fixed keymap, cursor keys
* ...

How to create bootmenu entry for U-Boot:
copy kernel image zImage-my to /opt/boot/
create config file in /etc/bootmenu.d/ with suffix .item

ITEM_NAME="My kernel"   # Menu entry name
ITEM_KERNEL="zImage-my" # zImage file in /boot/ or /opt/boot
ITEM_OMAPATAG=1         # This is needed for booting Maemo
Bootmeny entry for other system on SD card:

ITEM_NAME="My name"
ITEM_CMDLINE="kernel cmdline"
This means that you have SD card with first partition ext4. On that partition is kernel image with name uImage and initrd/initramfs file with name uInitrd (both generated by mkimage, see below)

Converting zImage to uImage:
Install package u-boot-tools and then run
$ mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 80008000 -e 80008000 -n zImage -d zImage uImage
Warning: ITEM_USEATAG and ITEM_REUSEATAGS options was renamed to ITEM_OMAPATAG

Set bootmenu item file as default first entry
Create symlink to /etc/default/bootmenu.item from your item file. For example:
$ ln -s /etc/bootmenu.d/20-Maemo5-kernel-power- /etc/default/bootmenu.item
Item config file has same format as Fanoush bootmenu and is stored in same folder (Multiboot package has same format too, but in folder /etc/multiboot.d/)

After creating config run tool
$ u-boot-update-bootmenu
u-boot-update-bootmenu must be called every time, when config file is changed.

See also u-boot-images.tar.gz which contains example item files.

How to easy create Maemo kernel dualbooting: Stock PR1.3 kernel, kernel-power and other...

Just copy zImages to /opt/boot, create config files for each and run u-boot-update-bootmenu

kernel-power v50 has package kernel-power-bootimg in extras-devel & extras-testing. It contains proper zImage and item file.


This tarball contains some kernels (stock PR1.3 and stock PR1.3 with framebuffer) and some item files.

For playing & testing download archive to / and unpack it as root:
$ cd / && tar -xf u-boot-images.tar.gz

Do not forget to update bootmenu:
$ u-boot-update-bootmenu

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