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NOOOOO!!!! Why u do that?! I could sell me left leg for that phone. AND YOU DESTROYED IT?!

For serious, try to see if there's any spare parts.. Same sized panel... Isn't it quite close to the E7?

UK-repair also claims to be able to fix that!
Lol, nobody knows when their phone might slip and fall, however careful you are! This was the first (maybe second?) time in almost a year that it fell, but this time, it just cracked.
I did check for spare parts, and after a long search, this turned up ( ).
Since the supplier is a Chinese Exporter, I really doubt it would fit my N950, and also the seller asks to order a minimum of 5 pieces, which I've got no idea I going to do with, even if the screen fits. As far as UK repair is concerned, I live in India, and have no plans to visit UK anytime soon, and i will not be shipping a Developer Device to their repair center, lol.

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it is (keyboard and look) but board and hardware is actually very different and not to mention display...
so, n950 have slightli bigger "screen cover" than e7, but, i think it can be replaced with one from e7 and that speaker hole will be at same place (i didn't measured accurately)

I doubt there are any "screen covers" available out there as the glass is fused to display. I'll need to get the whole display (or perhaps the phone itself, as vitaminj suggested) changed.

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