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Pocket client for MeeGo Harmattan and experimental support on Fremantle.

  • Authentication .
  • Sharing content from main client.
  • Adding content from browser and client.
  • Mark as Read
  • Open content in browser.
  • Pull to Refresh
  • View items from Archive/Favorite/Home
  • View tags and favorite
  • Search

Pending: Offline caching, reader inside app, tags.

If you like the application, please support my work donating

You will need to reboot for the icon to appear properly on the Share window (red square box).



My apps for Harmattan [Scrobbler] - [QStarDict] - [Lights Off] - [Resistor Color Code] - [Transmission Remote] - [Pomodoro] - [Pockeego] - [8]

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