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So - decided to offer my Xperia X for sale:
So - one could ask the reason of selling...

Nothing wrong with SailfishOS itself. Except maybe very weak xmpp/jabber support and very noisy notification sounds - especially in silent office environment

However - having used to Nexus 6 - the screen of XperiaX is just too tiny. And the screen to body ratio isn't stellar either. It seems, that 5,5" screen is the absolute minimum. Of course - having a device with hardware keyboard is another story...

As I do not have any interest in paid parts of SailfishOS (Android runtime, Exchange support and Estonian language isn't supported by included word prediction software anyway), then I think, that using some community port has more sense to me at moment.

So buying my XperiaX helps me moving on to some community supported devices with larger screen - currently my eye is on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Also Gemini PDA and "The new QWERTY device project" are looking very interesting...

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