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You are getting unnecessary rude about this. Its a crap tonne more work then you think it is. You can't just copy paste, because that's stealing. You have to go and re make it yourself. I don't have a very fast computer, so things take a while to render. If its going to be a half decent theme, there is a ton of images. There are at least 200 toolbar images in the stock theme, a few hundred icons, and thousands of lines of CSS. Not to mention switches, toggles, buttons. Its meticulous and takes time, and every time you test you need to reboot, which also has the risk of a reboot loop of you have an incorrect character in the CSS. I have spend many hours working on my iOS 7 theme, Ancelad has spent lots of time on his sailfish theme. Quite frankly, if you lack respect for the people who spend time making things for this device, you shouldn't be using it.

To think I started on making this.
How ironic to say , "you can't just copy paste , because that is stealing"

Perhaps you are right , it's better to make a crude copy with bugs , that most definitely resemble (almost copy) a theme like ios7

I am not rude , you just can't detect the monotone from my texts , im actually speaking in a really kind voice