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at this time...there are other pressing projects and needs to be done than waiting for responding posts and updates on said individuals issue ...or actively monitoring this thread.
Sir, I have an invaluable secret to share that you'll find most useful - as have I during my many traversals among the often exciting but periodically sprawling topics of maemoan conversations.

For I have also often found myself entangled with the predicament you have so succinctly stated above; that being with balancing my rightful needs for other endeavors to participate in, with that of observing topics that are of some importance to me that is hard to quantify in objective terms.

You may quite rightly be agasp with wonder on the whole simplicity of the scheme I'm about to unveil, but please - do not credit me for it, for I am just another adventurer that happened to stumble on this chest of magique on my travels on this blossoming land of variadic discussions.

Without any further preparations I bluntly present you the method that I stumbled upon, which will set you free of the illment that plagued you, but will still gain you the ease of mind of not having missed anything.

Please pay attention now, for what I am about to write will be of the most concise in the form and prose. For that is the nature I believe instructions are most effective, when it comes to operating machine based systems like we're dealing with here.

In all brevity I will first lay out the general picture. Imagine that you could _observe_ and simultaniously not _actively_ observe a topic. Sounds like a flight of fancy, doesn't it? I thought the same thing myself, but let me assure you I have found just the right ingrediments to fulfill that very goal. And they are accessible without _any_ additional software, just by using this very forum.

Now, you might think I'm a charlatan making these grandiose proclaims. I assure you nothing could be further from the truth. I am but a simple man who feels it behooves me to help my fellow wonderers on this most illuminating discussion venue.

With that said, I hope you are open-minded about the recipe I'm about to unveil which I believe will solve the problem you've been struggling for, courageously might I add, longer than could reasonably be demanded of any individual.

This is the recipe in all it's simplicity: On this, or any other post on this topic, see in the upper part of the post "Thread tools". Click this and a submenu will unveil itself. In this submenu you will see an item labeled "Subscribe to this thread". Now this is the real magic that will allow you to gain - nay, more than gain - what you were looking for. Within this page you can instruct this place of discussion to dispatch an e-mail _immediately_ to you when someone utters but one simple sentence. Thus removing the need of manually observing this topic. But yet you _are_ still observing this topic. Like magic.

This has been a lifesaver for me. I hope it will be for you too.
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