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I was able to create a image file
initrd file "initramfs-nokia-n9"
kernel file "vmlinuz-nokia-n9"

then what do I have to do to flash the n9 device?

you try using Extra packages: xf86-video-vesa mesa-egl ?

from n900 porting method
- install PR1.3 and old Ubiboot small version.
- split MyDocs in two others partitions 128 GB and 2 GB (extended => ext 4/3) 5th and 6th partition.
- 5th named pmOS_boot with 3 files inside init/vm/extra
- 6th named pmOS_root (dd image file inside or cat command)
- ssh or telnet via usb (ubiboot in maintenance mode)
- run kexec special command and pmOS will boot

I don't try extra package. what is it exactly? i use Xfce4.

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