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Apologies, my mistake!

New videos look good, if you have time can you show the back of the device / side view during the slide? I'm curious about how the "push up and then adjust the angle" mechanism works.
I have the pictures to the FPC (connecting) part I can perhaps share with you privately. This is T0 sample the connecting FPC is not the same as the final one (they look a bit different) and with this old FPC the product in video is actually also thicker than the T1. So I don't want to go into too much details for now as they will change.

We are also making improvement from T0 to T1 sample, include but not limit to:

- Landscape lock orientation when the slider is out
- New FPC and connection parts results in 1.2mm thinner. (13mm with battery and 11mm without) (This is the reason I did not show this part it in current sample)
- Textured bottom housing
- And a lot more...

Although it's delayed but this product will be great!

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