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0.0.30-1 is out:
- Ported to Qt 5.2
- Change megapixels abbreviation in the settings page to MP instead of Mpx
- Get rid of the resolution classification (low, medium, high) in the settings pages
- use statefs to obtain battery information
- Show all supported camera resolutions in settings
- Cleaner UI for image timer and sequential modes
- Reworked mode button and mode selection:
- A click on the button will switch between image and video modes
- a button drag will show all available modes
- Slightly decrease the transition time between various modes
- Experimental support for pausing video recording
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a black viewfinder after maximizing the application.
- Make zooming via rocker keys a bit faster
- Switch video recording format to H264
- Fixed a memory leak when we change the resolution
- Initial Jolla tablet support
- Disable "use geotags" option instead of hiding it if using the GPS option is disabled
- Add an option to not use UTC for file naming
- Fixed typo in timer mode (Thanks marmistrz for spotting and reporting)
- Change zoom keys to volume keys in settings (Thanks marmistrz for spotting and reporting)
- Polish translation by Marcin Mielniczuk
- Fixes for various plural formats

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