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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
Interesting but... Brrrr! That page embodies everything that can possibly be wrong with a web design.
Kind of hoping I missed the ironic intent, else your statement which shows a lot of things wrong with web designers (IMHO).

The site is quick to download, easy to read on any screen I tried it on, contains a lot of useful and relevant text, is free of pointless pictures whose only purpose is to stop the hard of thinking from clicking away.

It doesn't contain a lot of adverts, pointless javascripts, it renders quickly. It's very retro, makes me think of MacSE and 9k6 modems. It reminds me of what the internet was like before the marketing department heard of it.

I'm getting on, but I can't be the only one who preferred it when the internet was 90%+ useful information?

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