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Sorry for the overlap with this and the existing thread about the N9 (not) coming to the UK, but for what it is worth I thought you should see that it is possible to get a reply from Stephen Elop (well maybe I am being naive - it could just be a PA etc)

Here's what's been written:


Thank you for your quick reply, I can only once again appeal to you to listen to your customers, but that said I am somewhat relieved to hear that you are endorsing online sales of the N9 in the UK.



From: []
Sent: 11 August 2011 02:12
To: o_*****
Subject: RE: Problem purchasing Nokia in the UK

Thanks for the note.

We do expect to have N9 available through some online resellers. That being said, it is also our intention to have Windows Phone based products which themselves are a great user experience and that beat the competition. Indeed, consumer research including in the UK encourages us that this will be achieved.

I hope we can meet your needs one way or the other.



From: ext Owen Griffiths [mailto_*****]
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2011 02:01
To: Elop Stephen (Nokia/Espoo)
Subject: Problem purchasing Nokia in the UK

Dear Mr Elop,

I am writing to express my concern at the decision not to sell the forthcoming Nokia N9 mobile telephone, in the UK. I have been a loyal Nokia customer for the past decade. With regards to your strategic decision to pursue the Windows Phone operating system, I am indeed sceptical. As a London based television editor I have a keen insight into consumer trends in technology. In the mobile brand game, Microsoft loses hands down to Apple. I cannot imagine myself ever owning an MS Widows Phone / Nokia despite the fact that I embrace Windows PCs over Apple desktops. I willingly admit that they are less expensive and easier to maintain. It is unfathomable that Nokia has overlooked the Android mobile OS. However with the N9 and the Meego (previously Maemo) OS there is a unique opportunity to have a distinct user experience, which all the while is capable of compatibility with Android applications (Alien Dalvik). Above all, the most compelling reason to support the N9, is its user interface which by all accounts, in every side by side review places it head and shoulders above Apple IOS, Google Android, and MS WP7. Please allow educated consumers the opportunity to purchase the product they want. If for one moment you could set aside internal politics and your urgent desire to have a unified R&D strategy, it would be amazing to be able to purchase a phone which not only looks great but operationally trashes the competition. Please sell me a Nokia N9.

Deeply saddened and concerned,



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