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If you have upside-down labels then note that this is unexpected and we should raise an issue in libosmscout developers list or github.
I doubt it's unexpected, since I see it all over the place: regular roads, forks, labels wrapping around a U-turn, etc. Couple examples below, center of the screen.

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difference in rendering times:
I'd say those Mapzen metro extract tiles render in about half the time of tiles from whole Finland data. And those tiles from whole Finland data are about what I'd expect, so it was not to report a problem, but a pleasant surprise when using a Mapzen metro extract. I don't have much use for offline maps myself, so I'll leave any possible debugging and timing for others.

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I am not sure how to improve this [search] - whether to educate us as users or try to fix it in the library or server.
I understand that it's a very difficult problem to parse and match search queries when people give them in many different formats and sometimes you might have partial matches, e.g. street found, but not the the full address, etc. But I also think that search should work with the same format queries as with online providers. Especially in an app like Poor Maps, which supports several providers and has a common history. No-one is going to read a long manual -- if normal search queries don't work, users will just conlude your software is broken.

Since it's a big problem, I wonder if there's a suitable external library you could use instead of trying to solve the problem on your own? For example, Mapzen has recently released Libpostal -- "a fast, multilingual, international street address parser trained on OpenStreetMap data".

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