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So about 5wk after Jolla 1st said they'd look at whether they can answer some of the stuff in the original doc...
I nudged them again to find out what the hold-up was, this was their response about 3-days ago:
Ok, please work together and agree on the questions and send the doc (PDF form preferred) to Thank you.
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I won't have time to help with much of this, so I was hoping one or more users would be willing to step-up & coordinate most of it?
So is there any person or persons who is willing to help here?
All it would require is organising both docs, culling duplicate/redundant commentary, keeping it as digestible as possible for Sailfish/Jolla reps.
Folks can discus here the content of either, how they should be structured/formatted, or what's missing, until they're closed in roughly 2-days.
At that point both of them will be locked, and hopefully almost fully organised/formatted...
Then we'll email the links to both using the address Jolla's provided, or both can be PDF'd 1st, up to whoever is doing the organising.

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