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Whenever you close the doc, I can make a PDF from it, and send it to Jolla if you wish. How do I negotiate with them the feedback channel? If you need help with editing / removing redundancies / simplifying, etc. I can go over it.
Thanks for that... Others are welcome to help/contribute too....
Lets aim to have them locked by 18/11 18:30 AustEST, that's exactly 1-week from when this thread was started. (correction: this should've said 15/11 18:30 AustEST)
We can extend by a day, but much longer than that & we're getting too close to Slush IMO.
Ideally we'd have it all nicely formatted/organised by then (or nearly), so that we can email the links or PDF(s).
Basically I was told we can communicate with them via that email address I mentioned...
Both docs can be unlocked later for new discussion, after anything answered by Jolla/Sailfish is moved to the Wiki.

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