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Man those cpu gonna kill me. There are many of arm cortex a8 cpu that been used on some device so what kills me. Why in some devices I find arm cortex a8 has been released on 1000 mhz cpu and 1 Gb ram, and some has 700 cpu and 512ram. Also I readed that there is a POP file on the top of the arm cpu so this kb packages is used to have that speed of ram and there is know way to remove this package only with a mini compulap like Raspberry or something elles that have more than 256 ram
First off, the RAM is not the CPU. The N900 has a quite capable CPU, which runs at 600 MHz by default but can be overclocked to 900-1150 MHz, depending on your particular device. Secondly, it won't kill you, because Nitdroid runs quite smoothly on the N900 (because it is generally CPU-bound and not memory-bound). I have no idea what you mean by a "POP file on the top of the arm cpu" - I can find nothing about this, and I'm not quite sure what you mean by a file on top of the CPU anyway. Also, when you refer to the Raspberry Pi as a "mini compulap", I think you are misunderstanding the device: it is not a laptop, it is just a motherboard. Here is a Raspberry Pi:

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