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Arm cortex a8 is the same of any arm cortex a8 yes? So why I can find arm cortex a8 the Same of n900 but with different ram....
Do that mean they change the pop of any arm cortex a8 package ?? Seeem its not true and they build arm cortex a8 with the same pop ram but without adding size for the ram.
There are many different ARM processors, and just sticking another A8 in there wouldn't necessarily mean it would be 100% compatible. Also I wouldn't be surprised if the 256 MB size was hardcoded into Maemo, but it might not be. Finally, desoldering/soldering components to a phone board is going to be a very difficult process without the proper equipment (you'd have to unsolder the camera first, for example, because the heat when you bake the solder will ruin the CMOS sensor). It's virtually impossible to DIY. That said, if you do try this and succeed, please tell us about it!