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I have a strange problem with notification LED. Some days ago I have installed application called "Lens Cover Reminder". I have chosen in that application menu - in LED window- option "PatternError". Everything was correct (I mean vibra and LED) apart from one thing - since that moment I have strange "side effect": after locking keyboard and screen, notification LED is pulsating in white in 7-8 seconds period of time. I can't turn off this behaviour. I have uninstalled application"Lens Cover Reminder"' but after that nothing has changed. Even after rebooting the device. It is very annoying.
In have installed application "LED Patterns" to check if there is an option to turn off this effect, but there is not.Can anybody tell me how to get rid of this LED pulsation?
go to "Settings"->"Notification light" and uncheck "Device on"
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