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Perfect my problem is fixed now, thank you kindly, however I have plenty different Linux live distribution. Not all of them work with ``sudo`` command. I'm still a ``neophite`` at LINUX and my knoledge is limitted.So I finnally was able to do it with an Ubuntu version. On it, the ``unmount `` command from the console did not work but the ``right click then chose ``unmount volume`` on the N9 icon on the desktop work as fine . At last the " sudo fsck.vfat -aftvVw /dev/sd* " did it's magic . (*) = matching N9 mounted drive volume of course.
Would be fantastic if this could be operated from within N9 some how.
an auto repair like this would be a welcome addition to N9 quick tweek. Dont kill this treath as it may still very usefull for any N9 fans.