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Lumias sold, updated:

Nokia 1100 F4.4
Nokia 2100 B5.0
Nokia 2300 B5.0
Nokia 2630 B2
Nokia 301 x 5
Nokia 3205 B4.0
Nokia 3220
Nokia 3230 B2
Nokia 3250 XpressMusic F5
Nokia 3285
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3660 B2
Nokia 3710 Fold B2
Nokia 3710 Fold F1
Nokia 3711 Fold B2
Nokia 3720 Classic S2.5
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic B3
Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition
Nokia 5630 XpressMusic F3
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic F1 x 2
Nokia 6021 B4
Nokia 6100
Nokia 6110 Navigator B4
Nokia 6120 Classic F3
Nokia 6125 B5.0
Nokia 6170
Nokia 6190
Nokia 6220 B4.0
Nokia 6220 Classic B3
Nokia 6260 B3
Nokia 6270 Classic B3
Nokia 6303 B3
Nokia 6500 Slide
Nokia 6600 S5.3
Nokia 6600 Slide B2
Nokia 6600i Slide
Nokia 6630 F4 x 2
Nokia 6650 B3.0
Nokia 6700 Slide B2
Nokia 6820 S6.5
Nokia 7260 B2
Nokia 7710 F4.0
Nokia 7900 Prism B1
Nokia 7900 Prism F4
Nokia 8210 F7.7
Nokia 8290 B3.0
Nokia 8290 B4.0
Nokia 8850 P5
Nokia 9110 Communicator 3.0
Nokia 9210 Communicator HP:3.001
Nokia 9210 Communicator HP:3.012
Nokia 9210 Communicator K:2.601
Nokia 9300 B4
Nokia C3-03
Nokia C7-00 B3
Nokia E5-00 B2.0
Nokia E6-00 B3.5
Nokia E7-00 B2
Nokia E50-1 F5
Nokia E52 F4
Nokia E60 F4
Nokia E60 S5.1
Nokia E62
Nokia E90 F5
Nokia N-Gage F6.0
Nokia N810 WiMax Edition B3.1
Nokia N76 B3
Nokia N76 B4
Nokia N79 F5
Nokia N95-1 EB1.23
Nokia N95-1 EB2.1
Nokia N95-1 Pre EB4.1
Nokia N95-1 S5.5
Nokia N95-3 F4
Nokia NPM-3NA
Nokia RM-521
Nokia RM-560 B1 x 2

Nokia ACP-5J
Nokia BHF-1
Nokia BL-6P
Nokia BP-4W
Nokia CK-200 display B4.2A
Nokia DT-26 B4.1
Nokia DT-38 B4.1
Nokia DT-910 B4.0A
Nokia DTL-1 x 3
Nokia HF-23
Nokia Kaleidoscope
Nokia MD-9 TR2
Nokia MD-11 B3.1C
Nokia N-Gage Dual Wireless Headset
Nokia PD-2
Nokia PT-3
Nokia PT-6 Remote Camera
Nokia PT-8
Nokia RD-3 Internet Modem S0.6
Nokia RX-4 Medallion II + AD-16
Nokia SU-5 + CU-3
Nokia TME-2 build JB2.0

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