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What’s your opinion on the current concept of providing end user documentation, that is, a short, printed get started guide in the sales box, and the longer guides available on the web and in-device? Do you expect Nokia to provide a longer User guide in the sales box, or is the Get started guide enough?
Printed start guide in the box is enough.

Maemo 5 doesn't have a help framework. What’s your opinion, should there be one for Maemo 6? What would an ideal help system be in your opinion?
Built-in platform Help never seems to be good enough. Electronic of the full DOCs on the device might be helpful though when offline - make it an app so that it gets updated automatically.

And finally, how do you see the role of the Maemo community in providing end-user support? Do you think the community could be more involved in the process of making the User guides (for example, as a content reviewer)? What would, in your opinion, be a good solution for the community to get involved?
Put the full Nokia documentation in a wiki and let the community add to it. There needs to be an editor to keep the quality up. Pay attention to structure and SEO so the search engines do a good job of finding the material.