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Psst... don't tell anyone, but it is a wiki.
I know. The wiki can be updated. That was not the point at all of course: The point is that essential information should be in the USER MANUAL, not just online.

What are you missing from the wiki article? I assume you're talking about this one?
Yes. That procedure doesn't work if the system is corrupted, i.e. the boot loader (or whatever) isn't working. If it is, then the device will not go into flashing mode (heck, it won't even produce an USB event), and it must be cold-flashed.

Cold-flashing is described in, but unfortunately it's not entirely correct and won't work as described.

I wrote about my experience (and how I dealt with it) in
and I can update the wiki next week (more time then..), but of course someone else could do it in the meantime.

Again: This should be in the printed user manual.
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