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So, my Taoblet arrived.
(Actually it did so yesterday in my absense at work – but some people knew what I was waiting for
and a colleague of mine just payed the courier the 70€ tax without hesitation – I love my team.)

Here's what may be of interest to someone:
  • I used taobaofocus as an agent instead of yoybuy. Worked, didn't feel quick, though. There were always a few days delay between stuff happening.
  • It is genuine, store worked after system updates. I also did some "ssu"-commands before upgrading, but I don't think they were essential. Android works, just had time for some quick tests of few Apps from the Play Store, did not install other Android Stores yet.
  • The seller is out of stock – sorry I could not report earlier, but I guess that means some of you might have gotten lucky there as well. I count that as a good thing.
  • DHL (I used DHL Express International): Call them if something about customs pops up on your delivery notifications. Contact forms or mails get to the right people but may take longer. They have to know how much you've spend… this should be obvious, but: Be honest.
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