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After another total rewrite, (this time combining FPC, Lazarus(LCL), C++, Qt and QML) i am pleased to announce TxPad(QML) version 0.1.0.
I have decided to publish version 0.1.0 which isn't yet completed (not all features of the Fremantle version of TxPad are implemented) because i wanted to finally publish something after a *lot* of work and in order to receive some feedback before i proceed with development.

This version of TxPad was made and tested on N950 so i would appreciate input from those of you with N9's on how the interaction with the app is, what can be improved so it can be easier to use.. For example in the next version i want to add arrow buttons on the right side of the screen over the editor when the proximity sensor is closed..

EDIT : Version 0.5.5 is now available!
* Changes v0.5.5
 - Fixed several bugs
 - Added Reload feature to the File Menu
 - Added custom selection handles which to some extent emulate the system ones
 - Selection block is now persistent so the selection is not lost when scrolling
 - Selection block is now canceled only when the proximity sensor is closed and user taps somewhere
 - Open recent menu now works properly
 - Moved configuration files from ~/TxPad/ to /home/user/.config/TxPad/
 - Added background implementation for FTP support which will be introduced fully in the next version

* Changes v0.4.0
 - Added New, Open and Save buttons to the helper bar
 - Filled the Edit menu with related items
 - Added macros
 - Added Replace (with RegEx support)
 - Greatly improved rendering performance
 - Fixed a bug where chunks of code were invisible
 - Fixed Swype support
 - Further optimized kinetic scrolling
 - Proximity sensor is not read when the application is minimized
 - Fixed some other minor bugs

* Changes v0.3.0
 - Added Cut, Copy and Paste buttons
 - Added Undo and Redo buttons
 - Added bookmarks
 - Added About page
 - Fixed some minor bugs

* Changes v0.2.0
 - Sort File Dialogs alphabetically
 - File Dialogs can open files without extensions
 - Fixed font size in file dialogs
 - Added TAB to helper bar
 - Fixed orientation of menus
 - Fixed scrolling in menus
 - Fixed touch event propagation in menus
 - Added JavaScript highlighting
 - Added ability to choose highlighter
Also, you can report bugs that i didnt notice so i can fix them for the next release..

Currently, the following works:
* Ability to open and save multiple files
* Code syntax highlighting
* Code folding (pascal only for now, but you can fold custom selections with any)
* Search and replace (with RegEx)
* Kinetic scrolling/Pinch to zoom
* Ability to change colors of the editor
* A helper bar with additional characters commonly used that you can customize
* When you cover the proximity sensor, scrolling/pinching gets disabled and selection mode is enabled. Also Home/End and PgUp/PgDown buttons are shown
* Send all/selection to paste bin
* Export with code highlighted to HTML
* Recent Files menu
* Ability to change highlighter manually
* Bookmarks
* Macros
* Custom selection handles (select text by covering the proximity sensor, refine it using the handles)

I intend to add those features that are in also Fremantle version such as:
* Open & Save from/to FTP
* Scripts (run sh scripts from TxPad)

Syntax highlighting is currently available for:
Delphi, FPC, C, Java, Perl, HTML, XML, Python, lfm, sh, CSS, PHP, TeX, SQL, VB, Ini, Bat and JavaScript so far...

TxPad is currently in *testing* repo, in order to install it do the following:
* On the application grid in your device, click on the 'Settings' icon. Click on 'Applications', 'Installations' and make sure the slider is set to on for 'Allow installations from non-Store sources.
* With your phone browser download (this will install client app)
* Open Apps For Meego application, and go to settings, and click Enable Review Mode.
* Now you can find and install "TxPadQML" from the client.

As MeeGo COBS is down now i have moved the files to my server for now.

Link to the .deb file :

Link to the .dsc file :
Link to the .tar.gz file :

TxPad QML is now in OpenRepos :

You can download and install the .deb file or add the repository and then as root do "apt-get install txpadqml"

As i have no way to set up donations, i have uploaded TxPad QML to Nokia Store where it costs 5 euros. So if anyone wishes to contribute to the project in this way, it would be welcome. Of course, TxPad will remain free here and in AppsForMeego & OpenRepos always, and its sources available.

I hope it will be usefull for you.


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