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The version 0.2.0 is now in the repository : Download

Its not yet in apps for meego because the bot in cOBS that evaluates and moves packages seems to be stuck for several days now and i haven't got any answers about when it will be functioning again...
EDIT: They are aware of the problem and are working on fixing it, it should be functional soon...
EDIT 2: Its working now

The changelog :
 - Sort File Dialogs alfabetically
 - File Dialogs can open files without extensions
 - Fixed font size in file dialogs
 - Added TAB to helper bar
 - Fixed orientation of menus
 - Fixed scrolling in menus
 - Fixed touch event propagation in menus
 - Added JavaScript highlighting
 - Added ability to choose highlighter
Originally Posted by et3rnal View Post
I'v just test it, all good, a bit of lag/glitch ?
Because the editor component is custom (lazarus version of SynEdit) it can't make use of native kinetic scrolling.. This is why i had to write kinetic scrolling myself based on Qt's QAbstractKineticScroller code. The glitches that you see are in fact various parameters being "not tuned" and can be improved with trial and error. I didn't focus on this but on adding features

If you or anyone else would like to help with that i can create an interface that can change these parameters on the run and you can then give them to me when you find optimal settings..

Originally Posted by et3rnal View Post
I would love to see "ideone" support as I tried to do this as a separate app myself few weeks ago but using WSDL for their APIs was a really pain to deal with for such a beginner like me
I guess this could be useful, i will check it out and if possible add support for this when everything is polished..

Thank you guys for comments and bug reports!


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