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Hey guys,

I am new to the development of n900 OSs. I had one lying around for years and it took me such time to realize the huge support it has even now.
I have managed to get Kali up and running right now, I have faced some problems too, as of now
1) A user said on this thread to rename the shutdown script file to _shutdown_ . yeah it fixes the rapid shutdown, but after that, i cant even do a regular shutdown
2)For some wierd reason, i cannot resize the existing partion, that is, almost a 1.9 GB (of my 8GB sdcard ). Theres still a 5.something GB left. I tried formatting that 5GB to ext4, but I simply cannot get it to read on the Kali environment. I cant even run apt-get update because it displays "No sufficient space".

I hope Im not the only one facing these issues, and i hope you guys have a fix for these...


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