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I have exactly the same problems. A few months ago I accidentally dropped my N900 in a hurry and since that moment the Camera app opens up on random moments. At first I wasn't aware that it had started just after I dropped it, but the next weekend when I was trying to boot Nemo on my N900, after hours of trying and thinking about why it wouldn't boot (I kept getting kernel panics due to a missing rootfs, which is on the SD card) I finally realized that the drop must have caused the problems. I checked my back cover and phone and all magnets are perfectly in place, I tried various strong magnets but nothing helped: it kept reporting that the back cover was open while it was mounted. I also think my 'magnet sensor' is broken.

I just tried the gconf commands, but it didn't have any effect, the SD card didn't show up in the file manager. I also ran the some commands another time as root, but that didn't work either.