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I was using N900 a long-long time but in last 5 years I switched to IOS, I just fed up with a lot thing and trying to search something like maemo, a device with proper keyboard, hundred percent pc like open OS, but can be ARM. However better CPU,RAM,Battery etc. Do you think is there any device or plan in maemo to release anything in the future, I never liked any other phone as much as my nokia n900 the time just worned it out from my pocket so it is no longer working, can someone guide me? I would prefer debian as my I have experience of of it. I really loved this system, even used from some strange purposes and the innovative behind it and the community, my biggest fun was the credit card reader app, and even used as external microphone for PC when that was broken, full freedom full power from sw perspective, but i would need the same hardware as the current devices, is there anything you would suggest me? Or still waiting for the latest IOS jailbreak and continue with that sandboxing stuff.... I really enjoy feeling the nostalgia when i am here

less deatil what i would need device bulleted:
  • with maemo (like) OS (debian please)
  • internal and external storage min 16gb
  • ram 1gb+
  • internal keyboard, and peripheries
  • resistiv touch screen with stilus, or even better multitouch capacitive but with wireless pen like for ms surface.
  • audio and video like n900 but with hw acceleration possible
  • no sandboxing in all application please...
  • bigger screen and resolution is better, but not in the must have
  • If not maemo GNU capable OS and community behind it, same as here

Generally I am really sad about the current mobile portfolios and missing oldschool geekphone like this, I can't beleive no one want to serve really big geeks... I want mplayer,mono developer or even jagged alliance 2 or quake 3 or whatever i experienced with n900 and even more

If there is nothing better, I can still check if there is any used n900 on sale to replace mine, but that would be just too old for to be the primary device....

Thanks in advance for the suggestion

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