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And for the price, well if you just produce small amounts...
We all know the mantra. We have heard it a gazillion times and it is getting old.

The companies should realize this. In this equation,
profit = retail price - production cost
it is not the "production cost" part that is fixed. It is the "retail price" part. You need to start from that and then see how you can squeeze the production cost such that profit will be a positive number. If you work out you cannot do that, then don't even start. Do not attempt to cheat by increasing the retail price! It won't work.

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Yeps, and if you read it carefully it does indeed provide the reasoning behind this;
Again, we have heard that many times too. Then find your way around that or call things what they are:

Originally Posted by Purism
Help us design the ideal no-carrier, Free Software phone running a bona fide GNU+Linux stack.
A phone without a phone? Hmm...
In particle accelerators atoms are indeed not only touching each others. But banging together in a massive explosive orgasm.
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