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As y'all remember, Jolla announced that bolivian Jala Group will release two sailfish powered phones called Accione and Accione P.

I could get myself a special christmas offer of Accione P through my sister in law. Here are some photos and impressions comparing to Xperia X.

The phone has potential but runs android until Jala has finished development of the sailfish adaption. Release date is announced for Q1/2018. Shop employees in La Paz said propably march.

Click on the images for full size

Accione P is a little thicker than Xperia X and feels a lot lighter due to plastic housing

has a lot more bezel around the 5" screen

The back side is rounded to the center, the logos are in a nice golden finish

My christmas package included a black soft grip bumper

Next 12 pictures are all taken with Accione P Camera Stock android App

A second USB C quick charge adapter was also in the package

It gives 2.4A but i need an adapter for EU plugs

The retail box looks good and feels nicely built

It includes an USB C Charger, some 3,5mm headphones and a case for them

Don't know if it will be of any use but it feels like high quality rubber

Yay, i got a Jala Cap

And a M size promo polo shirt i am going to grow into over the summer

Not to forget the 15" laptop bag everything was wrapped in

The flyer to my xmas package in detail. I paid 210euro

Promotional flyer front side

Promotional flyer specs side
It says i should consult a Jala expert center to get sailfish. They told my sister in law it would be available around march

On the absolute bright side, i got LTE on eplus net in germany. Only 3g on Vodafone though.

Obviously the accione series was not especially developed for sfos as you can see with the dedicated android buttons

The screen is about 20% brighter on Xperia X but still better than Jolla1. Comparable to Jolla C i would say

No idea if results of 3dMark are comparable between 4.4 and 7.1 versions. But xperia destroyed Accione p despite only 6 active cores on xperia side

Android recovery is available by pressing Volume up during first 3 seconds of boot.

It is showing up in Fastboot


The sim slider has nice quality but only allows for either dual sim or sd card

If you got any questions until i hopefully continue this post with more info on how to flash sailfish, i am happy to try answering.

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