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I met my dear sister in law today again and got some more details.

First of all, we had a good laugh about my lack of spanish because i pronounced Jala like i do Jolla. Wrong.
The J is pronounced like in jalapeņo.

Turns out she explicitly asked the shop employees for the Sailfish version and Employees told her the only option will be to return the device and have it flashed in the store in a matter of 15 minutes process.

If this is really the last word, i will have the next opportunity of a bolivian kontakt buying the sfos version, signing for the warranty and traveling to germany in summer.

Until then i will try to get contact to someone at Jala and look for other options. Maybe shop employees simply do not want to bother customers with diy options at all? Otherwise it could be a legal issue. Lets see. I am on to it.

Ah, yes, import by postal service (at least to germany) is not advised. Apart of the fcc stamp in the manual i could not find any certification for the eu as expected.
Customs might sack it.

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