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Whoa, did that phone take a bullet for you?
Nah, it's not that adventurous

After it survived many falls in the past, it finally met the intransigence of a concrete floor.

I was trying to find another one on ebay, but it looks like I'm better off waiting for Jolla C while using the old trusty N900 for a while. Let's hope it won't be too faulty without any warranty service. I think it is very smart from Jolla not to provide one - keeping a warranty service could finally bankrupt them, yet providing this possibility is a friendly shoutout to the developer community.
I don't understand why would anyone use a random, insecure, proprietary chatting solution as WhatsApp, when you have so many safe and open alternatives.
Please, don't use it. If this doesn't convince you, read more here.
The worst thing is even if you don't use it, it takes one ***** who does and has your number in his/her contacts and your number is uploaded to servers of this insane company for 'anyone interested' to read.
Thumbs up for everyone supporting WhatsApp on Maemo. NOT

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