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@marrat, i see that they asked if it is language specific, i tried to comment on that but its asking me to create a new account which i cannot bother to do right now. I have a language abducting region both set at English USA. Also another annoying bug related to typing is; in pr1.1 if the text was misspelled and the punctuation was used following the text then hit space the auto correct would correct the work and leave the punctuation but now if the text is misspelled and now in pr1.2 if you use the punctuation after misspelled words and hit space the word is not corrected
reference your second problem, and my excuses if I misunderstand:
When I type and autocorrect makes the suggestion I want but I want a comma and not a space, I still hit space and then comma. Autocorrect inserts the suggested word followed by space but removes the space when I type comma.
hope this helps.