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Okay, it is now 2017,
time to bury what was possibly the best thread of 2016
and upgrade.

I will try to keep a brief link list here as best I can:

In No Particular Order:

Neo900 - finally a successor of N900

The successor of Nokia N900 - Pyra (Well, sort of)

GPD win

Build our own device

bug me if you find something,
I am, all too often, extremely distracted but will post here.

On New Years Day I dug out my two linux tablets.

The older 'Hiton" unit will be bid as support for a project in few weeks,
so I was spooling it up to make sure I still had everything working.
It runs Sabayon 64bit on a n2600 and works excellently.
Unfortunately it is no longer manufactured

I have a Ubuntu Touch BQ E5,
but developing anything with it is complicated beyond any hope.

Since development on Ubuntu Touch has virtually died,
before even getting email, VPN, and any kind of porting of
mainstream linux applications (due to the 'mir' showstopper),
it never really counted as an actual "linux" alternative.

But with Pyra getting closer it still makes sense to keep in mind there are other alternatives which may arrive completely __unanticipated__ from out of nowhere.

I am still looking for a build it myself but if someone spots something
out there now on the market please respond here.

The Ruggon PM-311 with its resistive screen is exquisite,
but too big to fit in a pocket, and the battery life is just too short.
I run SolydX 64bit and it just purrs right along.
With all the waterproofing and a legitimate RS232 port
it is still my first choice for offshore linux on deck at sea:
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Three n900s: One for stable working platform,
One for development testing Chopping Onions
One for saltwater immersion power testing resurrected ! parts scavenging

My Mods for Wonko's Advanced Clock Plugin:
ISO8601 clock mod and Momental_IST clock mod

Printing your Email with the N900

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