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My test report:
.nsfk but can't switch music inside files easily,only fast foward/back.and default length 2:30 doesn't fit a part of songs such as waiwai world 2.bts kikikaikai plays incorrect,like oldplay and deadbeef on n900,but rockbox plays fine
.gbs/.kss:just like nsf
.hes:slowdown while oldplay/deadbeef/rockbox doesn't
.vgm/vgz:doesn't play
.spck but .rsn doesn't support
.midk while oldplay doesn't play
.ssf:better than deadbeef,not perfect yet
.psf:just like ssf
.usf/miniusf:doesn't support

One seriuous problem:how can I add one song to playlist?operation is too hard to use,can you fix it?for example: in oldplay,I can push i button to add any song to playlist. any way push once to add one song/folder to playlist?