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gimageviewer and ROX Filer ofcourse (now with a debian toolbar button), both through the Synaptic pkg mgr in diablo. I've also managed to just cp parts from the good old WmBar in penguinbait's ROX pkg, e.g. see my avatar.
Changed time format to 24h in the taskbar, and a network monitor besides the CPU. Also set my personal background. Tip: the help file in the start menu is really at help here.
~/.icewm $ more toolbar
# This is a default toolbar definition file for IceWM
# Place your personal variant in $HOME/.icewm directory.

#prog FTE fte fte
#prog Netscape netscape netscape
#prog    "Vim" vim /usr/bin/gvim -f
prog    "keyboard" /usr/share/icons/gnome/24x24/devices/input-keyboard.png xvkbd
prog    XTerm xterm x-terminal-emulator
#prog    "AbiWord" /usr/share/pixmaps/abiword.png abiword
prog    "ROX Filer" /usr/share/rox/images/rox-show-hidden.png /bin/sh -c "/usr/bin/rox"
prog    "WWW" /usr/share/pixmaps/iceweasel.png iceweasel
sh-3.2$ diff preferences /usr/share/icewm/preferences 
<  TaskBarShowNetStatus=1 # 0/1
> # TaskBarShowNetStatus=1 # 0/1
<  NetStatusCommand="x-terminal-emulator -name netstat -title 'Network Status' -e netstat -c"
> # NetStatusCommand="x-terminal-emulator -name netstat -title 'Network Status' -e netstat -c"
<  NetworkStatusDevice="wlan0 ppp0 eth0"
> # NetworkStatusDevice="ppp0 eth0"
<  TimeFormat="%R"
> # TimeFormat="%X"
< DesktopBackgroundImage="/home/user/MyDocs/.images/qgn_indi_startup_nokia_logo.png"

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