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New release is out: 1.7.1. With the 1.7.0, followed by 1.7.1, I focused on geocoder enhancements.

New geocoder supports aliases when you search for data using guide search (Nearby). Aliases, as suggested by @palbr (thank you!), are pulled from with the used ones listed at . The list is also available as an API call, via poi_types URL, allowing us later to extend WhoGo Maps and modRana to automatically provide it to the users (if the client developers will approve it). Tag aliases are also used when returning the search results to identify objects in a localized manner.

Geocoder now imports and allows you to search for POIs without names (playground, ATM, toilets, ...), Again, suggested by @palbr. This is done for guide (nearby) search. When using guide search, its also possible to separate search by name or type when looking for POI (at least one has to be specified). Released WhoGo Maps already supports it, modRana is under development. Corresponding map update has been released and available if you check for updates in map manager. Note that only geocoder-nlp maps were updated this time.

As reported by @legacychimera247, some villages were missing in the search. This is fixed now, but it looks like I have inserted these missing villages into a bit high level in the hierarchy. This will be fixed in near future.

Many more types are now imported and supported by geocoder. Let me know if something important is missing.

The latest version of translations has been also pulled into the package. Thank you to all the translators doing great job!

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