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Originally Posted by Stskeeps:

On a silly sidenote: I had MeeGo base system running on my N810 with 2.6.33 kernel (+ Termanas, luke-jr's patches) some weeks ago.

and then by lma:

Cool :-) Obviously I've missed a couple of episodes because I thought we were still stuck in the state described here. Do you have a pointer to something describing the current situation, especially what bits are still missing?

and me:

Any takers to start a MeeGo hardware adaptation for N8x0?

and then lma:

Definitely interested (though I'm not a kernel hacker), where do we start?

So, this is a thread on starting work on a hardware adaptation for Nokia N8x0. ( While I doubt we can be a first quality port due to need to upstream patches, we can try things and see how far we can get.

A starter is to grab the current kernel package from , modify this with Termana and luke-jr's patches.

If we ask nicely, I think it should be possible to get repackaging done through my distmaster position so we can get the different firmwares, BME, etc provided through similar means (RPM repository) as does with the MeeGo on N900 things. So, we have a good start.

We can probably start with the chroot images (tar.gz) for N900 as they are fairly generic and the kickstart files.
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