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Reformat is one thing.. and I think if you lock yourself out of the device then you pretty much should be forced to wipe (as a reflash or wipe should actually reset the lock code).. thus losing data.

Take my laptop for example, I keep the hard drive encrypted. If someone steals or I lose my laptop - I don't care if they sell it off after wiping my drive so much as I don't want them getting access to my emails, phone numbers, addresses, names of all my friends, software I'm working on (since I should have backups of this anyway), etc.

If they can just plop in a Linux Live-CD and mount my drive and see everything... totally defeats the purpose of the encryption anyway.. and the option may as well not even exist. From what I'm seeing - the "security" code is nothing more than security through obscurity. You're just "hoping" they don't know they can just "crack" it like that.

This is why setting passwords for Outlook PST's or Word files are pointless... even microsoft themselves release "tools" that either remove or crack the password for PST's and word docs because so many people "Forget" their password.

..... So... what was the point again in setting one?
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